Variety Show

***V-SHOW UPDATE 1/31/2019***

Variety Show 2019 will open tonight as planned. All performing acts, please be ready for a full-dress run through at 3pm this afternoon. Let your friends and family know that tickets can be purchased at the door for $5! See you there!

*      *      *

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the 2019 V-Show, and congratulations to those who were selected. For chosen acts, there is a MANDATORY student meeting after school on Friday, Jan. 11 at 2:50pm in the auditorium. Be prepared to sign up for two days of rehearsals at the meeting. See calendar below.




Morgan Miller & Joey Barrett (Emcees)

Yash Ramanujam

Dance Club

Henry Horton & Dylan Cardoza

Xavier Andrews

Max, Joey, Alex, Hannah

Marissa Wade

Joohee, Subin, Lucy, Jenna, Helia, Annette    

   Abby Rydberg & Safa Saied (skit)

Women’s a cappella

Lara Haciosmanoglu “Soulmates”

Sharon Lee & Nicole Lee

Caleb Neal


   House of the Rising Sun

Men’s a cappella

Delaney Gerasta & Makayla D’Ambrosio

Miguel Mercado

  Leia & Sophia Ladios

 Zac McCarthy, Gage Bachmann, Holden Meier


Zoe Hannon

Rebecca Rosmanitz & Tom Filipiuk    

Muppet Mashup


Myra Longnecker & Co



Sponsors are Mr. Baima, Student Services, Mr. Anderson, English, Mrs. Koller, English, Mr. Karasch, Applied Technology Dept., Mrs. Ganas, Social Studies.

Contact: Mr. Baima