2018 Summer
  • Camp:
    • All new or JV players are highly encouraged to sign up for the Fremd Golf camp run by head coach Ryan Moreau
    • Visit the Fremd athletic page to register
    • Dates: June 21, 26, 27, 28; July 3, 5, 10, 12, 17 (all sessions are 1pm-4pm)
  • General:
    • All new and returning players should consider private lessons in the offseason; now is the time to work on the mechanics that will be the foundation for your success.
    • All new and returning players should sign up for several tournaments to get used to playing and scoring under pressure; sign up through IJGA or AJGA or MAJGT or other local outlets.

2018 Season
  • Tryouts:
    • All new and JV players will participate in a driving range evaluation (location TBD)
    • On-course tryouts will be held at our home course, Hilldale GC in Hoffman Estates
    • The tryout series will begin August 6; exact time of tryouts is TBD
    • During tryouts, players are responsible for their own range tokens and/or greens fees
  • Equipment information:
    • Once a player makes the team, a $200 fee will cover any and all remaining costs.  The player will also receive the following:
      • Team golf bag (to be returned at the end of the season)
      • Team rain suit (to be returned at the end of the season) 
      • Team scorecard holder (to be returned at the end of the season)
      • Team polo 1
      • Team polo 2
      • Team pullover
      • Team hat
      • Note: List of items the player will keep may include more or different (but not fewer) items than listed above
  • Schedule:
    • Click here​​​​​​​​​​​​​​