The Fremd Orchestra program began in 1982 and performed as a combined orchestra with Palatine High School. Fremd’s orchestra program has grown from eight members in 1993 to four orchestras with 120 members. Each school in District 211 now has at least 3 orchestras and they all continue to grow! There will be four orchestras at Fremd High School for the 2015-16 school year: Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Strings and Symphony Orchestra. Each orchestra meets daily for 50 minutes and is an elective that meets graduation requirements. The Orchestras perform string and full orchestra music from a range of historical periods and twentieth century, including jazz and eclectic styles. Each orchestra typically performs 5-6 concerts throughout the year. Students will study the skills which include shifting, vibrato, different bowings, articulations, dynamics, keys and nuances associated with each composition. Periodically, the orchestras will travel and participate in out-of-state festivals. Requirements: Participation in all scheduled performances are required; completion of three semester concert reviews, various in-class and video , and in-class and video recorded playing quizzes. Students audition and are recommended in the spring for placement in one of the four orchestras. 

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Contact: Marla Caballero